I Ain't Blue

The eclecticism of this CD is a paean to Diane's versatility. It isn't easy to cover Rogers and Hammerstein and Crowded House in the same recording and make it sound seamless, but that is exactly what she has done. Diane also comes in with the standard jazz vocal fare like "Them There Eyes" but still manages to put her smoky stamp on it. There's a reworking of Pheobe Snow's "Poetry Man" and "This Can't Be Love" gets and Ahmad Jamal twist. Thematically it is all about love, love sought after, love found and love lost. Regardless, everything on this recording is sung with feeling, exquisit tone and accurate pitch. Have I mentioned that I like her voice? A Whole Lot? Well I do. As for the band, most of the personnel were Diane's picks, and they are well represented herein. My choice was drummer Mark Prince, whose ideas, time and sound are always right on the money. Plus his ability to play grooves of any kind fit so well with this project. His playing on "My Foolish Heart" is simply luminous. Diane brought in Bhagwan Khalsa, a very popular bassist here in the DC area. Bhagwan's solos are always unique and tuneful, and together with Mark, all the feels are so comfortable, you'd think the two had played together for decades. Trumpeter Joe Brotherton adds excitement to anything he plays, and his sense of humor really shines through on "Don't Touch Me". On Saxes is Paul Carr, whose most inspired addition to the recording was the soprano sax solo on "Four Seasons in One Day". To call it icing on the cake would be a serious understatement. This project was truly a joy from start to finish. I really think that this recording stands out as something very special and I am very proud to have been an integral part of it. Special thanks to Eric Hilton and Stone of ESL Records and Thievery Corporation who mastered this project and gave it a truly big label sound. You guys are the best. Wayne Wilentz Pianist and Producer May 2006 Buy this at CD Baby